School Library Page

Mrs. Heather Mattie is at TCS every Thursday!

The WOW Reading program is set up to encourage literacy and make sure that students have books available to them at home.  Constable Kennedy started this many years ago in the North and it has spread thru Canada, US, Europe and Africa.  His motto is fighting crime one book at a time. 


How does it work?

When teachers read to students, a book is one book regardless of the number of pages.

Parents can help, if they share in  the reading then the students can record those pages. If the parent reads to the child then it does not count here, but that is great!!

For reading buddies, the student reading the book(s) records the book(s) or pages.

Each month, or whenever Mrs. Mattie receives books from Constable Kennedy, she will draw one name/class to receive a free book.